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Learn how we can help you transform your cleantech ideas into business opportunities

You come to us with an idea

You come to us with an idea for a product/service that ultimately helps fight climate change. We don’t want a business plan or financial projections. Just a good idea that you can stand behind and pursue. We’ll help you with the rest.

And we help you explore

Once you are accepted into the ClimateLaunchPad competition, we help you shape your idea. You will explore it, stress test it, tweak it, and try to make it as solid as possible. Solid enough to be worthy of being included as one of the ideas in the biggest green ideas competition in the world.

We teach show you the methods

You don’t need to have a business degree to take your idea to market. We will train you intensely on all the methods and language you need to speak in order to bring your idea to life. From customer segments to revenue models, you will learn from globally certified trainers and immediately apply your knowledge on your idea.

With a coach by your side

Our expert coaches will become your most trusted friend and most annoying challenger at the same time. Through their persistence and perspective, you will embed and apply all the learning in real-time, and you’ll have an awesome sounding board available by your side.

A supportive team of experts

With the help of our sponsors and supporters, our team will have all the expertise required to answer all of your questions; guaranteed. From technical to financial, to personal advice that you’ll need on your journey, we have assembled a world-class expert team to be there for your.

With a world-class setup

Our team ensures that every event, every experience, every interaction is always designed with top-notch, global standards. Our participants always tell us that “this is the most fun they’ve ever had while learning” and this is not a pure coincidence. It’s done by design.

We encourage you to face your fears

In a safe environment, you will learn to step outside of your comfort zone and conquer your fears; especially the one of public speaking. You will practice pitching your idea in front of large audiences, but don’t worry, we won’t just drop you in the deep end right from the beginning. We’ll take steps with you to help you feel comfortable and confident. It’s all about feeling confident.

And give you ample tough love

But the most meaningful lesson you’ll get throughout your journey with us, is the importance of “tough love”. That’s the truth that your parents, friends, and relatives won’t tell you. We will be friends with you, but we will also be honest. Because without that honesty, your idea (and you) won’t be going far.

As you embark on an experience of a lifetime

Take the LEAP and embark in an experience of a lifetime. See yourself develop into a top presenter, ready to take the stage and pitch your idea to renown jury members. Feel the crowd’s energy as you talk about climate change and what you are doing about it. This is truly an experience of a lifetime.

Watch us in action!

Chrysalis LEAP promotes entrepreneurial spirit in scientists

SCIENT is a European University – Business Alliance aiming to foster young SCIentists’ ENTrepreneurial spirit. The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union, started 1 January 2015 and will run for 3 years. Chrysalis LEAP is proud partner in this project, responsible for the training delivery and design.

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